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Back up website
Incase something happens to our Enjin website, this back up website will contain important information and will consist of posts and other things taken from the Enjin website.


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Commissioner's Office

Step By Step On How To Join The Clan

Hello and Welcome to the GTA IV RCMP Clan.

This is a step by step instructions on how to join the clan.
First answer these very simple questions:

1) Are you 16 years old or higher?
2) Do you have a working mic?
3) Do you have a working legitimate GTA IV? (we do not allow crack versions)
4) Can you speak English without any difficulty/hesitation and possess an excellent command of the language?

If you said YES to all of the above questions, then you are applicable for applying to join the RCMP clan.

If you answered NO to question #1, then you may not join online patrols, but feel free to join the website.

If you answered NO to question #2, then you will have to buy a working mic that allows you to communicate with other members on our Team Speak Server.

If you answered NO to question #3, then you will have to buy a legitimate copy of GTA IV for PC. If your computer cannot run GTA IV, then feel free to apply to become a dispatcher in the clan.

If you answered NO to question #4, then you will not be able to join online patrols and join our Team Speak Server.

Until ALL of the 4 questions are answered as YES, then you may NOT apply and join in on online games and patrols.

What happens after I apply and get accepted?

After your application is accepted, an interview will be set up with you by a General Duty (GD) or Traffic Services Unit (TSU) Corporal or Sergeant. This interview will just consist of basic questions to confirm that you are not below the age limit, and that you are the right kind of person to have in the Clan.

If you pass the interview, then you will be sent to Depot which is the Clan training academy. Look on the forums for dates and times of the next Depot. If there are none scheduled, you will have to be patient until one is scheduled. Keep in mind that these Depot sessions take anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on how many recruits are present.

After passing Depot, you will automatically be assigned as a P Recruit which means that you have completed Depot. You will then be assigned 2 Field Training Officer (FTO), one from General Duty and one from Traffic Services Unit. This will give you a taste of what goes on in each Section of the clan and will provide you with a choice to either join GD or TSU.

After completing the Field Training Program (FTP), you will have the choice of either joining GD or TSU and will automatically be promoted to a Probationary Constable. Keep in mind that you could be dismissed from your "career" in the clan at anytime if you do not meet the requirements set forth by your supervisors.

After completing your probationary period as a Constable, you will automatically be promoted to a full Constable.

Once you have been in the clan for a certain amount of time, a Corporal in your unit will promote you to Senior Constable if he thinks you are good enough. Senior Constables can also become Field Training Officers.

Hope this helps, if not, then please message the unit Sergeant or a Corporal in that unit.


Commissioner, Creator, Founder and Online Staff Sergeant Major for the clan

Commissioner's Office:

Glen (gk6RCMP)
Tj moore

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Required Mods

Here is a list of the required mods, and links to them. Install them and make sure you are using NO other mods!

Thanks to lonestranger for the cool list and links lol

Commissioner, Creator, Founder and Online Staff Sergeant Major for the clan